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Donation (기부) [寄附] :
To provide financial assets for charity or cause without asking for a price

The IRE Project aims to lead the next-generation donation culture using blockchain to improve the problems of the existing donation culture with the lack of reliability, and to create an objective and transparent donation environment for anyone to check. The goal of the IRE Project is to solve donation imbalances and low reliability, and to create a world that can help those in need.


The IRE Project aims to establish the following system to solve
the problems of the existing donation market and promote development.

Addresses the problems of donation organizations that do not transparently disclose the records of existing donations, and provides transparent, safe, and objective details of donation use.
Convenient location
Convenient location
based donation services - The location-based service provided by the IRE platform allows you to locate where donations are needed around you.
Reward System
Reward System
You can receive an IRE token as a reward by participating in volunteer activities conducted by the IRE Project.

IRE Platform

To establish a healthy donation culture, IRE PROJECT aims to contribute to the spread of the right donation culture
by providing reliability of donations by establishing an objective, transparent, and fair platform using blockchain.

Why do we need blockchain?
Why do we need blockchain?
Blockchain is an algorithm that combines several transaction records together to form blocks, connects several blocks like a chain using a hash, and copies and stores them distributed by multiple people.
Blockchain technology without a third-party intermediary allows anyone to make reliable and secure transactions and can be used to process all data that requires online transaction information and history management.
As one of the key technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution, by utilizing blockchain technology that does not require intermediaries, human beings can enjoy greater social changes and benefits than Internet technology brought in the past based on new trading methods and organizational principles.
What is needed to improve the existing donation culture?
What is needed to improve the existing donation culture?
To build a healthy donation culture, solutions are needed to improve the shrinking donation culture caused by transparency issues and spread a sustainable one.
While non-profit organizations and donations are very closely related, related tasks are distributed across ministries and agencies, requiring comprehensive management measures.
To disclose the transparent use of donations, a system should be established to disclose the amount of donations and where they are used, and to check the details.
What NFT are provided by the IRE Project?
What NFT are provided by the IRE Project?
Non-Fungible Token (NFT) refers to a cryptocurrency that cannot replace one token with another.
Each NFT has its own unique value, being used for tickets, real estate, ownerships, and coupons, and has a unique number of assets or benefits. This can solve the ownership problem of digital assets.
The IRE Project issues donation and contribution certificates as NFTs on the platform and provides them as digital certificates that cannot be forged.
IRE Project and Voluntary Services
IRE Project and Voluntary Services
The IRE Project enables participation in the ecosystem by volunteering on its own or by non-profit organizations participating in the platform ecosystem.
Using a location-based system, you can get information about where the help is needed, thereby encouraging voluntary participation of individuals and organizations, and providing time and talent to people and communities in need, thereby contributing to solving the social problems and raising the public interest.
In this way, you can utilize your abilities and talents through self-growth opportunities and volunteer services, and provide an opportunity to acquire useful life, technology, and social skills.

IRE Team

David Choi
David Choi
-Lidya Korea (Solution)
-JnWatt IDC (Mingting)
-JnWatt Holdings (IDC)
-PavilionAsset Management (CEO)
Marcus Baek
Marcus Baek
-Samjung KPMG(CFO)
-Pavilion Asset(CTO)
Tracy Lee
Tracy Lee
James Lee
James Lee
Technical Director
-Samjung KPMG(DL)
-ITB Engineer(IDC)
Ahri Kim
Ahri Kim
Technical Director
-one of NFT(US)
-Recordgram Inc

IRE Token Information

Token Issuance Plans
Token Issuance Plans
Token Name IRE Project Token Symbol IRE
Token Technology ERC-20 Token Type Utility
Total Supplies 10,000,000,000 IRE Decimal Point 18
Token Address -
Token Issuance Plans
Token Name IRE Project
Token Symbol IRE
Token Technology ERC-20
Token Type Utility
Total Supplies 10,000,000,000 IRE
Decimal Point 18
Token Address -
Token Distribution Plan
Token Distribution Plan
  • Foundation 30%3,000,000,000 IRE
  • Token Sale 10%1,000,000,000 IRE
  • Airdrop Event 5%500,000,000 IRE
  • Marketing 10%1,000,000,000 IRE
  • Development 10%1,000,000,000 IRE
  • Partnership 10%1,000,000,000 IRE
  • Team&Advisor 10%1,000,000,000 IRE
  • Reserve 15%1,500,000,000 IRE


  • 2022 Q1
    Establish IRE PROJECT Concept
    Launch IRE PROJECT Ecosystem
  • 2022 Q2
    Study IRE PROJECT Policy
    Establish IRE PROJECT Platform System
    Develop IRE Token
  • 2022 Q3
    List On Global Exchanges
  • 2022 Q4
    Launch IRE PROJECT Platform
    List On Domestic Exchanges
  • 2023 Q1
    Launch IRE PROJECT Volunteer Event
    Establish IRE PROJECT Global Partnerships
  • 2023 Q2
    List On Global Exchanges
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